Academic institutions an academic libraries play their significant role in given proper direction to the cultural, political, social, scientific and Technological Development of the nation. These two go parallel and help in promoting the formal educational for overall development of  the student. If the academic institution the body then library is the soul of  it . The Ramkrushna Mahavidyalaya, Darapur  is established in 2000 at the same time the library was also come in to existence.


Objectives of Library

  • Providing an dagile service which reflelcts the changine educational environment.
  • Facilitation access to the universal collection of knowledge in support  of the Universities mission.
  • Delivering accessible, reliable and innovative digital technologies.
  • Harness in and promoting resources in a range of formats from print to digital.
  • Building information skills for life.
  • Demonstrating a commitment to high quality customer service
  • Publishing the new important information within the researchers in the university.
  • Co-operating with other specialized libraries.

Services & Facilities Offered

  • Circulation Services
  • Reference Services
  • Bibliographic compilation
  • Clipping
  • Reprography
  • Computer and printing
  • Internet
  • Inter- Library loan
  • Power back up
  • Information display & notificati
  • Book Bank
  • public Services

Status Of Automation               :         Partially Computerised By using SOUL                                                                  soft

Total Carpet Area                     :         1380 sq. ft.


Staff of Library

Teaching Staff    –  01                         Non Teaching staff   –      01


Sr.     Name                             Designation                             Qualifications

01      S.B. Sangole           Librarian                       M.Lib. Sc., M.Phil.

02      P.R. Sharma                      Library Attendant                     H.S.C


Library Advisory Committee

  • Prof.Y.V.Harne      Chairperson
  • Mr.A.B.Bhagat      Member
  • Mr. S.A.Tayade     Member
  • Mr. S.M.Hadole    Member
  • Mr. S.B.Sangole    Secretary


Following are the major Responsibilities of  the advisory Committee

  • To Decide Aims and objectives of the Library
  • To Allocate the Economic Resources on Various Assets
  • To Determine the Policy of Library
  • To Improve the Services of Library


Working Hours of the Library:-

Library is kept open from10.30am to 6.00pm [Monday to Friday] & 10.30am to 3.30pm [Saturday] User a are free to enjoy the facilities offered by he library during this period. Howeure on Sunday & holiday Library is remain closed.


Book Bank Services  :- 

Book Bank is the Scheme  is beneficial for all  the college students. In order to  mitigate the  difficulty   of non availability  of books to the students belonging  to the college  the Book Bank  Scheme has been started  in the college. Under the scheme banks provide set of text books for the session. The set  of text books can be used  for one year.  Once issued  books are taken return back as the University exams. get over.

Follwing are the Rules for the Book Bank :

  • Books should be returned  on or before the last date  stamped below.
  • Defaulters will have to pay late fee of Rs. 2/- per day till it is returned.
  • Student will be responsible for lose or damage of book.
  • In the event of its being lost or damage of book.  In the events of its being lost or damage he/her shall replace it or pay the current  cost of replacement + 10% service charge.  If a book is “Rare” one He/Her shall be required to pay such compensation as librarian may think proper.
  • Since only one book is being issued, the other books required in that year can be circulated amongst students themselves, but students are responsible for the book they have borrowed.
  • The books will be issued on first come first serve basis.
  • This facility is being extended for the benefit of the student community and it is going to continue for many years in future.  In this view students are requested not to write anything. (Names, Marking etc.) in the book  and maintain the book intact.
  • Students will be penalized for not maintaining the book in its original condition.
  • Student’s cooperation is required for smooth running of the book bank.

Library is automated using Integrated Library Management System (ILMS) 

The latest acquisition in enrich to the faculty and student are done with the help of OPAC

system and display board and also circulate the list by this library staff   enriched the  faculty

and students with its latest acquisitions. Internet facility helps to upgrade the knowledge of

the faculty and the students.

Following Services are available in the library

  • Lending Services
  • Reference Services
  • Clipping Services
  • Reprographic Services
  • Internet Services
  • Open Access to teacher
  • University question paper set (Previous examinations) is available for the students.
  • Readers Club stirs the creative instincts of the students and develop reading habit
  • Records of important news items and articles.
  • Public Service.
  • Compilation of the subject CDs

There is photocopying system installed in the library. There has been a sizeable increase in the quantity and quality of books and   periodicals. Power backup is available in the library.

Library Collection per Year


  • Name of the ILMS software 
  • SOUL – State –of –the –art integrated library management software provided by INFLIBNET  Center by Gandhinager Gujrat
  • Nature of automation (fully or partially)- Partially
  • Version- 2.0
  • Year of automation- 21-10- 2010

Working  Hours

Particular Time
On working days 8 Hours (10.00 a.m. to 5.30 p.m.)
On holidays  —-
before exam days 8 Hours (10.00 a.m. to 5.30 p.m.)
During exam days 8 Hours (10.00 a.m. to 5.30 p.m.)
During vacations 8 Hours (10.00 a.m. to 5.30 p.m.)