Department of  Economics


Since   the  man  is  living  in  society he was doing a economic transaction by  exchanging goods. With the change in time instead of exchanging goods many other things   were used. But in 1776   prof. Adam Smith wrote a novel “Wealth of nation, ”  economics  got  new identity. As the passed economics development by  all   means. When   a country   needed development we have to planned for the development of it  and indeed it is not  possible without economics. Economics also help the person to plan for his family regarding economical  situation and problem.

By keeping the above importance in view  here in Ramkrushna Mahavidyalaya Darapur economic subject is made establish in 2000.

And   for teaching professor was appointed for the   subject on clock hour basis. On 15-6-2009 Dr..Rajesh Burange got appointment as full time professor. But he resigned on 20 out 2010 and them on 1 Aug 2011 on same post Mr.Khemanand S. Fulzele got appointed.

Aims of  Economics

  • Student should get the employment by studding this subject.
  • It help the student for  competitive exam.
  • Student should be able to solve the problem regarding economic in daily routine transaction / business.
  • To enhance the knowledge of industrial

Objectives of Economics

  • To penetrate the economical condition of country to the
  • To impart the business knowledge to student.
  • To manipulate the principle of economics to student.
  • To impact a global economical business knowledge to student.
  • To give the knowledge regarding budget to student.
  • In enhance the knowledge of banking sector.
  • To put importance of countries economical planning.
  • To make the student familiar about the economical situation.
  • Student should get the knowledge of infrastructure the development of country.
  • To impotence the knowledge of global economical transaction to student.