About College

Ramkrushna  Mahavidyalaya, Darapur established in June 2000 has made considerable  progress towards the achievement of the goal of the Higher Education which includes Contribution in curricular development, teaching learning process ,infrastructural development, supportive aspects to the students , create awareness and willingness for the higher education among the rural, destitute, deprived and downtrodden sections of the society .This shows that the Management have smooth governance and leadership qualities  and the staff of the college has long sight and set goals to achieve target.  The mission undertaken by the parent trust Shri Dadasaheb Gawai Charitable Trust, Amravati was to strive for the realization of the goals laid down by Dr. B.R.Ambedkar, the great visionary and the father of Indian Constitution. The institution owes its existence to the vision and the foresight of His Excellency Hon’ble Shri R.S. alias Dadasaheb Gawai, Ex. Governor of Kerala and Bihar State who inspires us all to seek perfection in our entire endeavor. All the institutions which were started by the Trust seeks to fulfill the goal of providing higher education to students belonging to the socially and the economically backward classes of the society.

The main objective of our institution is to uplift and encourage the poor, downtrodden and the needy students. The blessings bestowed by Shri Dadasaheb Gawai and the devotion, determination and the perseverance shown in completing the goals by the Founder President of the Trust and the Ex .First Lady of Kerala State, Dr. Sau Kamaltai R,. Gawai, have culminated in the establishment of this College. Along with the president of the Society and the Administrative officer take stern effort to achieve the desired goal laid by the management.

The College strives hard to realize its goals and objectives. Like other institutions, we too combine our curricular activities with extra-curricular activities. Our students regularly participate in athletic meets and University tournaments. Extension activities like the N.S.S.generate a lot of interest amongst the students. Our student volunteers have been participating in the camps held both by the College and by the University and other institutions both within and outside the state. It is our objective to nurture the talents of some of these students and make them realize the importance of social and voluntary work amongst the poor and the marginalized sections of the society.