The department of Marathi on its very year of inception that is from 2005 has proved its work. It is one of the active and result oriented departments of our college. For over last 12 years, it has proved to be a source of career building to the students not only of the Arts faculty but even for the students from Science and Commerce faculty. In 2006 department commence post graduate course. Department started research center successfully in 2013.

Prof. Anil Bhimrao Bhagat a well known critic and literary activist headed the department during 2005 to till date. He brought name and fame to the college by his various literary activities in and outside the college. In the department he organized many lectures series, seminars and symposiums and personalities of esteemed recognition visited the college at every second month during his tenure of about 12 years.

Prof. Anil Bhimrao Bhagat’s multifarious activities outside the college brought credit to the college.

Prof. Anil Bhimrao Bhagat is specialized in Dramatics and worked on performing arts.

Salient features of the department

To improve written Marathi skills we conduct test every fifteen days and conduct competitions.
For improvement of diction of the students we conduct competition.
For preservation of old and out of print books lamination and binding of the copies of rare books.
Thirteen students of special class will be given assistance for higher education.
Facilities available in the Department (Infrastructure, Instruments, Equipment, Internet, Departmental Library)