Pali Prakrut

The Department of Pali was re-started in June 2005 in the Sanskrit department with 12 students. Eminent Scholar Gangadhar Hiramanji Pande was appointed as the Coordinator and Head of the Department.

Today in the independent Department of Pali which started in June 2007, we have more than 250 students in the academic year 2015-16 taking courses like M A, M.Phil, One year Certificate course and also PG Diploma in Pali. The Department of Pali is proud to say that we have more than 200 Masters in Pali .

The students of Department of Pali are encouraged in the interdisciplinary and pure research in Pali and students have presented research papers in International and National Seminars.In the Department of Pali, we give emphasis on learning Pali as taught by the Buddha-with Pariyatti, Patipatti and Pativedhana –Pariyatti is reading, listening, discussing the teachings, Patipatti means the efforts to actually walk on the path as read or learned and

pativedhana is the experiential knowledge one gains by developing one’s own wisdom.
Thus we have one hour meditation session on every Sunday, Dhatu puja meditation on every poornima, recitation of Ratana sutta before every class, special lectures on every Sunday, seminars on different topics like Medicine, Law, Management, Art and architecture in Pali literature, Workshops on Flower arrangements and the teaching’s of the Buddha’, ‘Brahmi script and Pali language’ and so on. We have photo, paintings, Rangoli exhibitions and 4 days Buddha poornima celebration with lighting 2600 lamps in the University campus.