Political Science

Department of Political Science

Aims of Political Science

  • To impart Knowledge of the State its origin, nature, structure and functions
  • To impart Knowledge of government and administration
  • To impart Knowledge about the world:
  • To Create democratic values
  • To Create good citizenships
  • To Teach Lesson of co-operation and toleration:


Objectives of Political Science

  • To make students aware of Indian Constitution and its importance
  • T0 make students aware of constitution of other countries.
  • To encourage them for comparative study of different constitutions.
  • To provide knowledge of Indian political administration and current .politics to make them responsible cit
  • To make student able Leader by giving him political knowledge
  • To give Knowledge of Panchyat Raj
  • To enhance knowledge about rural governing policies
  • To give knowledge of Fundamental Rights and Duties and to spread up to root of society
  • To enhance knowledge about work of renown political leaders
  • To spread knowledge about wale fare works
  • To aware about the need of Voting and its powers