Physical Education


Ramkrushna Mahavidyalaya, Darapur started in the year 2000 as the college imparts education and Education is the main form to create a strong nation also for the healthy nation. Without education man cannot create a better person. Education is creating you mental and Physical strong. So it is the most important for the better nation. Today it is proved that every education is the most important. Today another education is the most important that is Physical Education. Now time to discuss the importance of physical education. Physical education is the secret of the success of our body engine. This education is giving you knowledge about the physical, which is the most important for the body fitness. This physical education knowing many things such as how to take care of your mind, toward happiness, wealth, body and about of your health. This education is creating of your good behavior that is most important. It is the serious matter if we are work of our health it is creating of your body healthy and fitness. Here, is most important think that is needed to attend the various sports. That is help to achieve the various goals. It is also change of your lifestyle. It is can change of your especial area those are the most important. When we archive this perfectly, we will difference from others. After take this, we can easily find of our dream. Also, it is helping for doing of your work. Physical education not means an education by the book; it is giving you practical education. For the overall development of a student, along with academics, which develop his mind, a student should participate in physical activities such as sports and exercises as well. Although, researches in the field have shown that physical education should be made mandatory in student as it develops positivity, improves the attitude and fitness of the students, keeping in the mind to create feelings of Fitness Self-esteem Life Lessons Healthy Eating Hygiene Stress Management Productivity among the rural students Physical Education is started in the college since the establishment i.e. from the year 2000.


Aims & Objectives

Aim of Physical Education – Aim of physical education, like general education, is to develop human personality in its totality well planned activity programs. In some words, physical education aim at the all round development of the personality of an individual or wholesome development of human personality and it includes physical, mental, social, emotional and moral aspects to make an individual a good citizen who is able to make contribution in process of nation in one’s own way. Thus physical education means at making an individual physical fit, mentally alert, emotionally balanced, socially well adjusted, morally true and spiritually uplifte


  • To develop the organic systems of the body
  • To develop euro-muscular co-ordination or skill
  • To develop right attitude towards and physical activities in general;
  • To develop a desirable social attitudes and conduct
  • Development of psychomotor skills
  • Development of understanding and appreciation of the techniques and strategies of sports
  • Preparation for leisure time
  • Elimination of worries and anxieties through deveĀ­loping appropriate interests and habits of engaging in exercise and sports


Faculty Profile